June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

Lineup :: Artist Installations


A Song for Jessie
John Krawczyk, Ted Tihansky, Jenn Krawczyk, Adam Twersky, Sheryl Krawczyk & Drew Miele
Aye-Aye (The Universe)
Kevin Irizarry (Rabbit), Steve D'Amato & Maegan D'Amato
Balloon Chain & Mobile Art
Michael Cha, Brendon G., Cara C., Wabbly Flips, Gabby & Matt
Black Light Forest
The Playing Mantis
Camp Phuck It Experience
Camp Phuck it
Cat Castle
Bangarang: Black Cat Camp
Cryospheric Musics
Monk e Burnswell and the able crew of HM Pyrotechnics
Desperate to Escape
Kelly McAndrew
Dispatches. Lost Desert
Rebecca Nuvoletta
Justin Evans
Kailah Neal, Mel Carr and the Shantytown crew
Festival Forge by Upcycled Art
Space Pirates Present: Upcycled Art Festival Forge edition- by Captain Shaggy2K
Find the Light
Zoe, Norah, Eric & Eddie
Heart Conservatory
Kimberlee Traub (lead), Laurie Halbe (altar) and Scott Abbott of Open Show LLC (lighting)
Herb Labyrinth
Farmer Liz and The Imaginarium
KAIROS - the oracle of mirth and mystery
evan cairo and his robot army
Kex: The Killadelphia Experiment
Andrew Skrzenski , Holly Madison , Paul K Drops & Sam Delerium
Misfit Carolina Hootenanny
Kamp Kounselors
Steve Shorts
Alicia Rennekamp, Nathan Dawley, Chris Miller, Sara Munson, Katerina Hackett & Alan Foran
Ride the Snakes
Gamalama is on ongoing collaboration between Justin Miller and Ryan Smith
Say, What ?!
Devon Colosimo
Scavenger Hunt for Virtue Lanterns
Marfa Prokhorova & Transformative Art Collective
Shrine of Brotherly Love
Sharyn' Giggles
The Deer
Sam Delirium
The Glam Station
Modus Operandi Crew
Wishing Willow
Mark A. Dahl, Geri Omni, Annelies Helms